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Potion Drinking Game (for Minecraft)

posted 29 Dec 2012, 03:49 by Timeless Prototype

Yay! I've finally discovered Minecraft's new Command Blocks and I've created my very first PvP game for Minecraft v1.4.6 LAN/server play.
I proudly present my Potion Drinking Game.
Potion Drinking Game for Minecraft - Game Arena

LSL Scripts by Timeless Prototype

posted 22 Jan 2011, 05:26 by Timeless Prototype   [ updated 22 Jan 2011, 05:36 ]

I've uploaded some of my LSL scripts that I wrote for use in the virtual world of Second Life®.

These are free to use and modify as you see fit. All I ask is that you give credit to me, Timeless Prototype, in your documentation. Some of these rotational calculations were very hard and melted my brain - I had no luxury of decent examples to mindlessly copy and paste from.

Instructions for using the scripts are included at the top of each script in various levels of coherency. These scripts are provided "as is" and I do not provide support for them. Please seek help from your nearest community of LSL scripters.


Untitled Post

posted 22 Jan 2011, 04:04 by Timeless Prototype   [ updated 22 Jan 2011, 04:14 ]

The "Untitled Post", akin to the "Hello World" post.

I shall set low expectations by promising nothing at all. If anything happens you will have discovered something rare.

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